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Get to Know — PCS Get to Know: Phil Mosby, P.L.S.

Want to know more about the people that work at Pickering, Corts & Summerson? This is our PCS Get to Know series, where we’ll be interviewing some of the many people that work here.

Phil Mosby is the Chief of Survey at PCS. He has over 30 years of experience in all types of survey work including property, construction, highway, and GPS control surveys. His responsibilities include implementation and crew training for all high technology equipment such as Robotic Total Stations, Reflectorless Total Stations, and software upgrades.

  1. How long have you been working at PCS? I originally started at PCS during the summer of 1988 and worked here until 1992. I re-joined PCS in August of 1995 and have been here ever since. 30 years in total.
  2. What is your favorite part about your job? I like the diversity of jobs and the people that I work with. Every day is a different challenge.
  3. What hobbies or other interest do you have in your free time? I enjoy photography, mathematics, Egyptian history and amateur astronomy.
  4. Where is your favorite place to visit? My favorite place to visit is the United Kingdom. Both of my parents were born there. With the exception of distant relatives from the 1800’s, my brother and I were the first in recent family history to be born in the U.S. I’m the child of immigrants.
  5. What would your family and friends say is your best trait?  I would guess that they would say that I am a perfectionist.  (That also might be my worst trait.)
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