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Get to Know — PCS Get to Know: Tyler Quill

Want to know more about the people that work at Pickering, Corts & Summerson? This is our PCS Get to Know series, where we’ll be interviewing some of the many people that work here.

Tyler Quill is an Engineering Technician at PCS. He is working on obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at Pennsylvania State University.

  1. Where do you live? Old City, Philadelphia, PA
  2. Favorite part of your job? At PCS, I am fortunate enough to work with a great group of people. I also enjoy the mix of in-office work while also getting to go out in the field for inspections.
  3. Do you have any pets or a pet from childhood? I always had dogs growing up. Tigger was my golden retriever when I was young and Mack was a yellow lab we had through my high school and college years.
  4. Do you have a big family? I have an older brother and an older sister, an average size family. My sister lives out in Colorado so I enjoy getting to take a trip out to visit her when I have the chance.
  5. What are your favorite hobbies outside of work? Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I also enjoy following and rooting for all of the Philadelphia sports teams.
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