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PCS Projects — PCS Wins 2021-2022 General Engineering Contract for DRJTBC

PCS was recently awarded the General Engineering Consultant Contract for 2021-2022 from the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission (DRJTBC). This contract will involve the NBIS inspection of the DRJTBC’s bridges and associated facilities, including Toll Bridges as well as “Toll Supported Bridges,” which are bridges under DRJTBC purview that do not collect tolls.

Also included are inspections of all facilities owned by the DRJTBC in connection with these bridges. Those facilities will range from approach roadways and highways, toll and entrance plazas, sign structures, overpasses and underpasses, and all administration, service, shelters, and storage buildings, and any other property within the DRJTBC’s jurisdiction.

The PCS team for this project will include: Theodore A. Tuz, P.E. as Project Manager; John C. Wilhelm, P.E. as Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager; Christopher B. Wilder, P.E. and William G. Dunn, P.E. as Team Leaders; Aaron S. Detwiler, P.E. as Load Rating Analysis Manager; and Joseph Gergo, E.I.T. as Assistant Team Leader.

The eight Toll Bridge facilities will include:

  • Trenton – Morrisville Toll Bridge
  • Scudder Falls Toll Bridge
  • New Hope – Lambertville Toll Bridge
  • I-78 Toll Bridge
  • Easton – Phillipsburg Toll Bridge
  • Portland – Columbia Toll Bridge
  • Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge
  • Milford – Montague Toll Bridge

The twelve Toll Supported Bridges will include:

  • Lower Trenton Toll Supported Bridge
  • Calhoun Street Toll Supported Bridge
  • Washington Crossing Toll Supported Bridge
  • New Hope – Lambertville Toll Supported Bridge
  • Centre Bridge – Stockton Toll Supported Bridge
  • Lumbertville – Raven Rock Toll Supported Bridge
  • Uhlerstown – Frenchtown Toll Supported Bridge
  • Upper Black Eddy – Milford Township Toll Supported Bridge
  • Riegelsville Toll Supported Bridge
  • Easton – Phillipsburg (Northampton Street) Toll Supported Bridge
  • Riverton – Belvidere Toll Supported Bridge
  • Portland – Columbia Toll Supported Bridge


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