Structural Engineering

Mayburg Bridge Repair-Design and Engineering Services, Allegheny National Forest

Mayburg Bridge Repair-Design & Engineering Services, Allegheny National Forest, US Forest Service, Department of Agriculture

This project was initially scoped as in-depth inspection, load rating, design of temporary repairs for critical deficiencies (undermined steel bearing plates at the abutments), and an alternatives analysis of repair/rehabilitation/replacement options for the crossing. Due to the inspection findings the scope was changed by the US Forest Service to eliminate the temporary repairs design and the alternatives analysis. We were asked to proceed instead with designing a major rehabilitation of the bridge including substructure repairs, superstructure repairs (beam plating, etc.), partial superstructure replacement, and deck replacement. PCS designed a glue-laminated deck which will be placed directly on top of the riveted girders eliminating the floorbeams altogether. The final submission package included plans, specifications, and a cost estimate.

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