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Underwater Inspection

PCS provides underwater inspection services to state, local, and private agencies. Our divers and engineers conduct visual and hands-on inspections of the underwater portions of a bridge, or other structure, and document their findings in a technical report. Our dive teams utilize hardhat diving with constant communication, underwater color cameras, video cameras, and our High Resolution Sonar Imaging System.

PCS also employs professional engineer divers, and all of our divers are certified bridge inspectors, increasing their ability to identify areas of concern. Each substructure element is individually assessed for existing and potential scour conditions in addition to the inspection for the physical condition of the units. PCS has designed underpinning repairs for bridge substructures along with routinely providing specifications and estimates for underwater repairs and rehabilitation of substructure elements.

  • Underwater Bridge Safety Inspections for the Cape May County Bridge Commission

    Cape May County, NJ
  • Open-End Statewide Underwater Bridge Safety Inspections, PennDOT Central Office

  • Underwater Bridge Safety Inspections of New Jersey County-Owned Bridges

    New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Biennial Bridge Inspections

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